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Winterizing You Vehicle With C.A.R.S.S.

Like it or not, winter is fast approaching. As we make sure we have all of the essentials to get us through the bleak winter months - winter coats, warm hats, waterproof boots, we also want to ensure our vehicles have what they need to survive the cold and salty winter conditions out there. CARSS of Crystal Lake will do all of the hard work for you, and make sure your vehicle is ready for the season. The Crystal Lake auto service center's winterizing package will give you peace of mind as you head out onto the icy roads and in below-freezing temperatures in your vehicle. As you head to work in the snow, or bring your family out on a slick day for winter fun, you will feel safe knowing that CARSS helped winterize your vehicle. At your convenience, CARSS will check the entire vehicle over, making sure everything is ready. There are many parts to check, and some that even seasoned drivers might forget. Chris and his team of experts at CARSS will ensure everything is up to par on your vehicle for the winter. Working wiper blades are essential, as flying slush hits your windshield and salt gets caked on. Wiper blades usually only perform to their maximum potential for six months, so CARSS will ensure you have fresh wiper blades for clear visibility as you navigate the snow-packed streets. CARSS also will ensure you have plenty of wiper fluid for safety and better visibility in winter conditions. Cold temperatures can strain your battery, especially if you park outside. Knowing that your battery is full is essential. CARSS will check it and replace it if it is low. Antifreeze also is essential for safety during winter months. Newer cars usually have fluid that will last up to five years. However, if your car is older and it hasn't been serviced in a while, you will want to ensure it is flushed and filled. CARSS will do all of that for you. The quality of the four wheels you drive on is important as your tires meet the icy, salty and slippery winter pavement. Worn tires with little tread can be risky and scary for drivers. Let CARSS give you peace of mind and check the tread on your tires and the amount of air inside, and fill or replace them if necessary, Another necessity for winter driving in ensuring your headlight covers are clear and not cloudy or dirty. CARSS will take a look and do this for you. Brakes are always essential, but especially in slippery driving conditions. CARSS will make sure they are safe for winter driving. If you have any questions on safe winter driving, Chris and his team at CARSS have the years of expertise you need to make this season a safe one. Should anything happen with your vehicle, CARSS is always there to help. For any services they do perform, CARSS offers a 24-month, 24,000-mile nationwide warranty on all parts should anything need to be replaced. Make an appointment today to ensure your car is ready for winter.

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