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How can you help?

CARSS owner Chris
CARSS community life

CARSS is involved in regular community activities to help the less fortunate, and each CARSS customer can participate in that effort—through vehicle donations, support for food drives, and participation in special CARSS-sponsored events to raise funds for local charities.


A car is a necessity in today’s fast-paced society. But many needy families in the area don’t have one. That’s why CARSS is making it easy for our customers to make charitable car donations.


“Do you have a vehicle sitting in your driveway taking up space or a car that’s not worth fixing?” asks Chris. “Then give us a call. We’ll pick up that vehicle, team up with local parts stores and the Bumper to Bumper network to fix it, and then donate it to a charitable organization in the Crystal Lake area. You can claim the donation as a tax write-off—and get the satisfaction of knowing that your donation has made a huge difference for a local family.”

CARSS community program

In 2015, CARSS launched a program that provides food for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry. Under this effort, customers who bring food to CARSS receive coupons for discounts on car servicing.


“You can bring in food when you have our car serviced, or if you don’t need work on your vehicle right now, you can still bring in food to CARSS and get a coupon towards future car repair,” says Chris.


(Please see Coupons page for your money-saving coupons related to this program.)


CARSS also hosts musical “jam nights” at the Listening Room at the Lakeside Arts Park at the Dole in Crystal Lake where people bring canned goods or cash/check donations and get to enjoy awesome music!The events, which feature top local musicians, have raised money for the Alexander Leigh Center for Autism, Girls On The Run Northwest Illinois, Hooves to Heal, and Dream Riders.


“CARSS charitable events and programs are always in the works,” says Chris. “So stay tuned to the CARSS website for the latest news. And thanks for all that you do in cooperation with CARSS to make our community a better and brighter place to live!”

Our latest donation to Home of the Sparrow!

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