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Summer Road Trip Readiness

Planning a summer road trip? There are a few things you need to check before your vehicle is ready!

A general check-over is a must before any long trip. For any distance further than 100 miles in one direction, you should schedule your trip check.

Before you go in, determine your total mileage. The tech will need this to make best recommendations for you. This inspection should include tires, brakes, fluids, wipers, and belts. This is also the reason the tech should know the mileage before inspection. When doing the inspection the tech can gauge how much time/mileage is left on an item and make recommendations based on that.

It isn’t just your vehicle itself that must be brought into the equation. Going to the mountains or the desert? You should consider the terrain through which you are traveling and of your destination so that you are confident that your tires and brakes are prepared. Additionally, if you are going to be carrying an abnormally heavy load (whether it be a trailer or lots of equipment), discuss this with your tech to make sure your vehicle is ready.

When having your inspection done, ask if the repair shop has a nationwide warranty program. This will be a life saver if you break down out of state and need a rental car or housing.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are going from north to south or east to west, you should have the air conditioning checked. Just because it’s cold at home doesn’t mean it will be at Disney.

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