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Car Class and Craft Beer with Chris

Do you know how to jump your battery if it is dead? Do your friends laugh when you tell them that you don’t know how to fill your windshield wiper fluid? Do you not want to rely on your spouse or a friend to change your flat tire? That all ends now.

March 22nd at 7 p.m. Chris, owner and lead mechanic at CARSS, will teach you the basic survival skills of car maintenance. In 45 minutes I will cover:

  • How to jumpstart your vehicle

  • How to check important fluids

  • Important information on changing your tire

  • Picking the right auto repair shop for your vehicle

  • CARSS’ very own Pinterest in a Pinch and much more!

You will learn all these vital life skills and more for modern drivers for only $25. The knowledge that you receive in the course will cut down the costs of constant trips to the mechanic AND can prevent major vehicle repairs by making you a more aware car owner (like knowing what happens when you drive your car with no oil in it). This class will teach you how to at least check your oil to make sure that never happens.

Information on basic car knowledge can also keep you safe. Knowing how to jumpstart your car and knowledge that prevents future vehicle breakdowns prevent you from being stranded.

Now we can’t forget the best part…

Learn some new skills for taking care of your car while enjoying your favorite craft beer. Yes, our car class will be taking place at Crystal Lake Brewing, located on Main Street in downtown Crystal Lake, IL. Crystal Lake Brewing is dedicated to crafting beef that values taste, quality and heritage. If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying this premier local brewery of Northern Illinois, our class is the perfect time to do so.

Guests will also receive a FREE gift at the end of the class that will help you out in a pinch if you fall victim to some car trouble.

If you are interested in enjoying a specialty craft beer, like the seasonal “Frozen Over” Spiced English Brown Ale, and learning a few things to make you a more liberated, independent driver you sign up at Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for all the latest updates from CARSS.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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