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Spring Cleaning Season Means Spring Maintenance for Your Car

The weather is getting warmer and the car wash lines are getting longer. But washing off all of that winter salt is not the only thing you should be doing for your car as spring approaches. Winter can really do a number on your car, so make an appointment today to make sure it’s ready for Spring.

✓ Change your oil - An oil change at C.A.R.S.S. ranges from $49-$100 depending on the vehicle!

✓ Check your fluids, belts, and hoses

- Let us flush your fluids and check for leaks. Cold weather may have left hardened and/or cracked rubber. Neglecting to check for this can mean a costly repair in the future.

✓ Check your battery

- Your battery has been through a lot this winter. Extreme cold can reduce battery capacity up to about 20%. Additionally, car accessories place increased demand on the battery when the weather is cold, and the mix of those two things can be cause for a new battery for the new season.

✓ Check your tires and alignment

- Winter roads may have worn down the tread on your tires and could have knocked your alignment out of place. Additionally, the cold temperatures might have affected tire pressure.

✓ Check your brakes

- The icy roads of winter haven’t made it easy on your brakes. The wear and tear we put on our brakes, in attempts not to slide all over the road, often leave pads and rotors functioning at less than full capacity.

✓ Check your filters

- Clogged filters can take a toll on your car’s gas mileage. Replacing them can improve gas mileage by up to 10%. Additionally, you want to make sure your cooling system is firing on all cylinders before the cold of winter is a distant memory.

We know that you have a very busy schedule, so consider dropping your car off after hours! This way, we can get started on it first thing in the morning and get you back on the road. Let us help you get your car spring-ready.

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