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Program that provides food for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry.

This year was a amazing success! We set out with the goal or raising one ton of food for the Crystal Lake food panty. The final tally is in. Together with your support we were able to raise 2,312 LBS of food. We were also able to raise several hundred dollars in cash and checks that went right to the pantry.

Thank you to everyone who helped out! It truly is amazing to see how far you can go when you set yourself a goal. We here at CARSS would like to send out a very special thank you to the following people, for without you we would have never been able to do this much.

Thanks to; Sherman Mechanical, Malachi Szarafinski, The staff at Lee auto parts, Wild Onion Catering, Miller Dental, John & Carol Lenner, Sherman Mechanical, National Gift Card, Scott Lyngaas, Wheels & Deals, Lou Lagro, Olympic Café, Amber Freeland, Kelsey Clarkson, Carrie Clarkson, Jeana Altman

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