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Our Waiting Room is Your Living Room!

As a customer, have you ever left a business feeling totally disconnected and wondering, “do I even matter?” This is because many of the top customer service complaints by Consumer Reports state that customers feel many businesses are out of touch with reality, and lose business valuing the competitor over customers and bottom lines. They cut costs by reducing staff or hiring somebody that is unqualified to be speaking with customers and answering their questions. Well, here at C.A.R.S.S. you won’t find any of that happening!

At C.A.R.S.S. we value you, our customer, as the most important part of our business. Your comfort matters to us and that is why we have made ‘our waiting room, your living room’.

We are a small business working in our own community and strive for repeat customer business. I want you to feel right at home at our shop when you need help with your auto maintenance and repairs. Our highly skilled team is happy to help you and guarantees that you always talk to a person. You can ask specific questions that get a clear answer, the first time around! We know you have a busy schedule and your time is important to us. A broken down car throws a wrench in anyone’s day. If between finding a ride to work, or figuring out how to pick up your kids from school leaves you with no time to drop off your car, let us pick it up for you – for FREE. You do not even have to leave your living room.

Yes, we pick up and drop off you cars, free of charge. You just let us know where to pick up or drop off and when to swing by.

Let me take it one step further….for our customers like you, we also offer our night drop service where you can drop your vehicle off at whatever time is convenient for you and we can get started working on first thing the next morning.

We think of our customers as part of our family and want to be sure we are not the cause of any inconvenience to you. Working within your schedule is important to us. And we are not just a place to get oil changes. We offer just as many auto repair services, if not more, than the big guys: brakes, transmissions, radiators, rotors, tires installation and rotation, and many more… You do not have to go to the chain auto repair shops anymore, where they have to check with the corporate policy and you are put on extended holds or transfers waiting to hear if they can work within your schedule, or even work on your car.

Just ask me, Chris, the owner, personally. I will probably even say yes.

At C.A.R.S.S. we take care of your car, truck, van, bus, dune buggy (okay, no dune buggies), but most importantly, you.

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