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CARSS is the car repair shop that's "driven to keep you driving" with minimal time or effort on your part.


Crystal Lake's customer-friendly auto repair shop picks up your car, services it, and returns it right to your door.

CARSS towing and car emergency service


New for 2024 

CARSS is grateful for our clients and we want to thank you for patronage therefore clients who pay in cash will get a 3% discount for this entire year

“You don’t even need to set foot in our shop to get the best car repair service in the Crystal Lake area,” says CARSS owner Chris Branham. “We know you’re pressed for time. So, whether you’re a soccer mom, a busy professional, or really anyone with a hectic schedule, we take the pressure out of car repair with our unique ‘pickup and delivery’ approach.” (See video below.)


According to Chris, CARSS is dedicated to providing high-quality auto repair with a personal

touch and at a reasonable and fair price.


“I think you’ll want to make CARSS your ongoing answer to auto repair,” says Chris. “At CARSS, we develop long-lasting, trusting relationships with our customers. Our new customers become regular customers. So, if I haven’t met you yet, please get in touch with us. I look forward to meeting you and servicing your car in a courteous, professional way that’s tailored to your needs and your schedule.”


Get in touch with CARSS.


Vehicle maintenance and repairs are personalized at CARSS. That's because we set high standards for customer satisfaction.

With over 20 years of repair experience, we want to be your family’s answer to auto repair.

Crystal lake fleet program and car repair
GARSS fleet program and car repair
GARSS fleet program for car repair



Our technicians are ASE-certified and keep up with the latest training offered to us though our
Bumper to Bumper affiliation. Our work is guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles coast to
coast and 24 months or 24,000 miles locally.

Watch a video showing the CARSS "pickup and delivery" approach in action.

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