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I've Never Worked So Hard to Give Away Money!

The holidays have come and gone. Between the food, the parties and the gifts I know a lot of us do not even want to look at our checkbooks. Luckily, your favorite auto repair shop, CARSS, has a couple ways to put money back in your wallet.

Have you liked us on facebook yet? If not, you’re missing out!

“Where’s flat Chris?” is a promotion CARSS offers to GIVE YOU MONEY! We post pictures of a flat, cardboard me at random iconic Crystal Lake, IL locations. The first person to guess where I am gets a FREE $25 AMEX GIFT CARD! But you have to follow us on Facebook to be part of the fun.

And who can forget Fixed by Chris? Fixed by Chris is our program that provides free car repairs to qualifying recent car buyers who have unfortunately bought a lemon within the last few months…

To get FREE AUTO REPAIRS all you have to do is contact CARSS either by phone or with a private message on Facebook. You tell us about your car problems. If we think you may have bought a lemon, we will have you bring in your vehicle for a FREE auto inspection. Once a car qualifies, we make all the necessary repairs FREE OF CHARGE.

Don’t believe us? Let’s tell you about CARSS “Fixed by Chris” recipient Jeremy Freeze…

Jeremy purchased a 2000 Volkswagen Golf for $2,000. He didn’t notice any major problems with the car upon first inspection and it gave him no problems on his drive home. However, slowly and then all at once problems started arising: broken door handles, mirrors, brakes, suspension, tie rod, blown out muffler and bald tires.

Repairs totaled $1,500. We took care of all of it. Jeremy was extremely happy about the experience.

“CARSS is great! My car quickly became an embarrassment and unsafe to drive. Thanks to ‘Fixed by Chris’ I am able to get to and from school and work safely.”

“Fixed by Chris” launched in August 2016 and Jeremy’s car has so far been our only lemon to sign-up. I am waiting to help you with FREE auto repairs!

If you are even questionable about a car that you just purchased, sign-up and we’ll check it out. If your car is fine, share “Fixed by Chris” with your buddy whose car has become the butt of all your jokes. “Fixed by Chris” has also helped an upstanding community member that needed a break with car repairs.

So get in here. Let us help you or someone you know for FREE!

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